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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On The Road Again.

Well to all our faithful blog readers, I'm back and I'm back on the road.  This time however Angelo, our part time curator extrodinaire is with me (actually he's driving) and we're heading south to Palm Beach for ART PALM BEACH taking place Jan 20 - 24th.  As we're currently loaded down with a truck full of art and miles and miles of road ahead yet, I'm not likely ready to give you directions as to where we are at the moment we're there.  I'm sure you can understand that given the security of our trip - but I will post some pictures as the trip progresses.   I apologize but if you knew me, you would know exactly how paranoid I get about security, safety, etc.

That being said - Angelo and I are jamming out to what I think is CCR right about now and our truck (governed at 65 mph) is chugging along quite nicely even if it does shake at 40 - 45 mph.  Angelo, seasoned traveler that he is brought a power converter so that I an keep the old laptop charged and thanks to the miracle of modern cell phone technology, my droid keeps me online posting to all you wonderful people.

There won't be much for me to blog for quite a while but don't worry, as I can, I will.     Signing off for now, and since I'm in a truck and stopping at truck stops - I'll go ahead and say it.... 10/4 good buddy!

- Kat