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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Evan Lurie offers colorful, energetic display at Miami International Art Fair

Evan Lurie gallery is pleased to be participating in this year’s Miami International Art Fair (MIA), which runs from January 16 – 20, 2014.  Known for showcasing the most talented and visionary artists of the 20th century, MIA brings together a carefully selected array of 30 international dealers representing both established and emerging contemporary artists. The show is presented aboard the luxurious SeaFair, which is docked at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami, offering a truly unique art fair experience for both exhibitors and attendees.

Lurie is featuring work by several important artists from the gallery’s stable, carefully curated to create an exciting, visually stimulating, high-energy installation. The booth includes a selection of works by L.A. pop artist Nelson de la Nuaz, each with its own colorful, clever and sometimes satirical narrative. Nearby, Chicago-based Gian Garofolo’s paintings employ luscious, boldly colored stripes to provide a sense of structure, while simultaneously expressing emotion and creating a sense of rhythm.

Alexi Torres’ large-scale paintings are reinterpretations of iconic images from our culture; fashioned from ecological, often ephemeral items such as leaves or feathers, the interwoven strands that make up the image allude to the interconnectedness of our lives, our culture and our reality. Meanwhile, British photographer Nick Veasey’s X-Ray work demonstrates the simple beauty that often underlies exterior presentations and L.A. based sculptor Brad Howe’s pieces are composed with actual or implied kinetic properties aimed at exposing energized moments between the forces of attraction and repulsion, between gravity and weightlessness, between balance and imbalance, and between connection and disconnection.

The gallery will also participate in the popular Art Palm Beach show, the following weekend, January 23 – 17.

And, after a long hiatus, we're back!

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