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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jeans and Jewels

Just checking in from the Jeans and Jewels event downtown Indy at the Conrad Hotel.... major Indy Racing turnout from the hotshots of today to the superstars of yesterday - they're here and they love the art.  Well who can blame them with work like John Leaser's Speed Racer originals, Joseph Piccillo's magnificent horses, Alex Guofeng Cao's new work, Jorge Santo's amazing work from the last 2 years and last but certainly not least Ted Gall who has personally designed a trophy fit for a king!!!  It's quite a feast for the eyes and once you get past the jewelry (which between you and us is divine!).  The swag is flowing, the wine is being poured and there are sporting stars in every direction.  What a night!

So don't miss out on the artwork and come out the gallery on the 28th where we will have on display most of the same work and even some pieces that didn't make the runways of the Jewels and Jeans gala.  We cannot wait to see you all and hope you'll have as much fun a we plan to have!

The EVAN LURIE GALLERY staff, interns and volunteers.  (ps. Thank you to everyone who helped make tonight happen!!!)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A nice crowd for some nice young men and women.

These kids have worked their tails off and it shows!!! Tonight, for one night only, is the Carmel High School Senior AP show at the Evan Lurie Gallery and as we write this (7:27 pm) there are roughly 100 people already gathered to show their support! What a great turnout these young men and women got and with every bit of energy we have, we wish them all the luck in the world as they go on to pursue their goals.  Some plan to go forward with their art passions (we know the trials of that AND we know the fun of success too!) - while others look to the next phase of their life in a different way - be that Med school, Law degrees, English majors, etc... It is with a great deal of pride that we can say we've seen their efforts and we know that if they put the same passion into their goals as they did into this show, there is nothing but success in all their futures.  Good luck Art AP class of 2010 - the Evan Lurie Gallery wishes you all the luck possible!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

CMS at the ELG

Come on by this weekend (5/22) for the Carmel High School Seniors Art Show.  It's the one night only event where we let the High Schoolers take over the gallery and show their art.  Tonight we were taking down the gallery art and preparing to hang the show - thought we might share a few photos.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Intern 2.0

Well, we realized after posting the information about Emily that we hadn't yet introduced all you wonderful readers to our newest intern - or as we call her Intern 2.0.  Meet Kristin Derr - another Herron Student who has taken over internship duties from Ms. Petrie who left early March.

Pictured here with her pup, Kristin often busts through the front doors with fresh Starbucks and a smile despite having very little sleep (most days).  She is a light of enthusiasm for the art world and we are very happy to have her brighten our days throughout the week. Kristin has already falling in love with the gallery, our environment and despite being a fan of all the art - her favorite artist has to be Ted Gall.  Watch out Ted when you come into town on the 26th - you have one heck of a fan here waiting to meet you face to face.  Everyone else, come in and visit - meet Kristin and discover someone else with a passion for the arts.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

We're So Proud!

Our own little "Forrest Gump" former intern took to the streets of Indianapolis last week for the Mini-Marathon. Actually,  Emily Petrie who worked with the gallery for a little under six months starting in October 2009, was truly one of the most wonderful (and random) finds for us as a gallery.  On a walking tour of the district last fall she stopped in without the slightest intent of applying for any position.  Talk about right place, right time - we had just begun the hunt for an intern and low and behold a Herron student with a passion for the arts showed up on our doorstep. The fit was a great one and Emily did so much to help us get organized and ready for 2010!  (And can I just tell you how much her new filing system has helped us!!) But time passes and at present Emily has nearly completed her second degree at Herron School of Art and Design - the workload of the last semester being such that she needed to take a break somewhere. It was time for her to focus on school and leave the gallery.   We were of course sad to see her have to leave but in the few months since her departure we couldn't be more proud of how much she's achieved - starting with her first mini-marathon experience!  According to Emily she is now "hooked" on the adrenaline that comes with completing such an event and plans to next compete in a triathlon in Ohio.  In addition she's picked up a new full-time internship with the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  This girl never stops!

Thanks for stopping by the gallery to keep us updated Emily!  The Evan Lurie Gallery really is one big family and we're so proud of you!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Is that.... a dog???

Did you know that in Germany it's commonplace to see Shepherds lounging at restaurants under tables while their "parents" eat.  Well, as you may have noticed, this isn't Germany but it doesn't mean we love our "kids" any less and while they may not be Shepherds there are three dogs that you may (on occasion) see lounging around the art gallery.

Evan and his wife Jenn are dog lovers and like dog lovers the world over the stories of their time together is often earmarked by what dog was in their lives during what period.  These days it's Rufus and Romeo - two English Mastiffs that combined weigh nearly 400 pounds.  Despite their size don't be fooled - the only threat from these two beasts is that they may love you to death.  Well that and you may want to steer clear after a trip to the water bowl as they aren't very dainty.

Weighing in at a fraction of the other's size is Mazen Tyler (Manager Kat Livengood's baby) - the little black lab/dachshund rescue who frequents the gallery with a bit more regularity.  A pint size pup weighing in at 36 pounds, Mazen Tyler is often seen sitting at the front door looking out longingly at Main St no doubt daydreaming of rawhide chews and tennis balls.

So come in a visit not only our artwork and staff - but also feel free to come say hi to our four legged mascots who love the attention.  We'll all be happy to see you!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Finally - We Blog!

It's true... the Evan Lurie Gallery has joined the blogosphere! What a great season to start too - with our upcoming shows we cannot wait to fill you all in on what's going on here at the gallery.  Some of you may have read the cover story on Evan Lurie last week - we couldn't been happier with the photos that their photographer - Stephen Simonetto - shot and the story written by Nuvo's own David Hoppe has our email box full of submissions!  If only had more space and time to help all the artists out there - but we do want to say that we fully support you all!

The truth is that our schedule for 2010 is pretty well packed already and what a great year it's going to be.  We can't give away everything but trust us, there are some amazing shows coming up and you won't want to miss out.  Our website ( is always a great place to check what's coming, join the mailing list, browse the artists we currently represent, see pictures of events and more!  With the blog it's just one more way to keep up with what's going on in the gallery and we're so happy to be able to share it with you! 

One last thing before we sign off our first official blog - please join us on May 28th, 2010  from 5 - 10 pm for what will surely be an amazing show.  Artists Joseph Piccillo and Alex Guofeng Cao will be featured in "Contrasts and Collusions: A View Into the Methodology of Black and White" (Click here to read the Press Release). Of course Memorial Day weekend in Indianapolis knows quite a bit about black and white - especially when it comes to the checkered flag.  We hope to see you all out for what we expect to be one of our most powerful shows of the season.

- The Evan Lurie Gallery