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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Is that.... a dog???

Did you know that in Germany it's commonplace to see Shepherds lounging at restaurants under tables while their "parents" eat.  Well, as you may have noticed, this isn't Germany but it doesn't mean we love our "kids" any less and while they may not be Shepherds there are three dogs that you may (on occasion) see lounging around the art gallery.

Evan and his wife Jenn are dog lovers and like dog lovers the world over the stories of their time together is often earmarked by what dog was in their lives during what period.  These days it's Rufus and Romeo - two English Mastiffs that combined weigh nearly 400 pounds.  Despite their size don't be fooled - the only threat from these two beasts is that they may love you to death.  Well that and you may want to steer clear after a trip to the water bowl as they aren't very dainty.

Weighing in at a fraction of the other's size is Mazen Tyler (Manager Kat Livengood's baby) - the little black lab/dachshund rescue who frequents the gallery with a bit more regularity.  A pint size pup weighing in at 36 pounds, Mazen Tyler is often seen sitting at the front door looking out longingly at Main St no doubt daydreaming of rawhide chews and tennis balls.

So come in a visit not only our artwork and staff - but also feel free to come say hi to our four legged mascots who love the attention.  We'll all be happy to see you!

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