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Thursday, May 13, 2010

We're So Proud!

Our own little "Forrest Gump" former intern took to the streets of Indianapolis last week for the Mini-Marathon. Actually,  Emily Petrie who worked with the gallery for a little under six months starting in October 2009, was truly one of the most wonderful (and random) finds for us as a gallery.  On a walking tour of the district last fall she stopped in without the slightest intent of applying for any position.  Talk about right place, right time - we had just begun the hunt for an intern and low and behold a Herron student with a passion for the arts showed up on our doorstep. The fit was a great one and Emily did so much to help us get organized and ready for 2010!  (And can I just tell you how much her new filing system has helped us!!) But time passes and at present Emily has nearly completed her second degree at Herron School of Art and Design - the workload of the last semester being such that she needed to take a break somewhere. It was time for her to focus on school and leave the gallery.   We were of course sad to see her have to leave but in the few months since her departure we couldn't be more proud of how much she's achieved - starting with her first mini-marathon experience!  According to Emily she is now "hooked" on the adrenaline that comes with completing such an event and plans to next compete in a triathlon in Ohio.  In addition she's picked up a new full-time internship with the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  This girl never stops!

Thanks for stopping by the gallery to keep us updated Emily!  The Evan Lurie Gallery really is one big family and we're so proud of you!!

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