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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Photos, Photos, Photos

Saturday, July 17th, 2010 - Photography Show @ the Evan Lurie Gallery featuring Tom Casalini, William Rasdell and Kevin Raber.

About the artists:

To anyone who has walked the halls of Keystone mall and seen the kiosk of breathtaking portraits, than you already know the work of Tom Casalini even if you don't know the name.  But those in the business know the name - why? Because he's been excelling at the art for over 30 years.  He is certainly best known for his black and white images - but what you may not realize is that behind that monotone professional is a multi-colored and multi-layered imagination busting at the seams.  Well, maybe not in person.  In person Tom is a very calm and collected man with the patience of his experience.  It's in his artwork that Tom demands attention. In the piece below ("Brusseto, Italy")the obvious departure from classic black and white is secondary to the work's dream-like direction.  Like any good piece of artwork, the image on the computer screen or in print does no justice to the work in person.  This collection from Casalini is truly something to be witnessed first hand.


While we deal mostly in the world of oils and acrylics it's a nice change of pace to swap that out for something fresh for our walls. What is wonderful about photography is how it captures life as it is.  A photographer has tools just as a painter does - lens, settings, light, etc....  but at the end of the day the very first layer to any photo is the truth of what is. William Rasdell is an artist who spent years documenting the real experience of cultural integration in the United States and other places such as Cuba, Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad.  He certainly know a little something about the real life undertones of expressive photography - but it's the next level that he takes his work to that is truly amazing.  As shown in the work below, images become animated through his digital manipulation yet the true expression of the raw photo remains.  To boost the drama Rasdell shows his work on aluminum for the show on the 17th.  Just like with Casalini's collection, the work's stunning nature can truly only shine when seen with the naked eye and also makes the gallery well worth the visit during this photography show.

Finally rounding out the exhibit will be Kevin Raber - a man who studied under Ansel Adams and who has made a life passion out of traveling the world working within the realm of photography.  These days Kevin shoots primarily with the Phase One camera - a brand he not only uses but also works for as North American Vice President.  As a man who lives for the rush of adrenaline - Kevin can often be found climbing into the icebergs of the antarctic, hiking around the Icelandic volcanic terrain and, as of Press time on this blog, heading out to the rustic plains of the Australian outback in search of new adventures.  Working with some of the most advanced technology available today in Medium format photography, Kevin's work presents the serenity of the natural world combined with the high energy of expressionistic digital enhancement - at least some of the time.  Often the images Kevin is able to capture in the most distant and uninhabited areas of the world speak with enough strength he hardly changes a detail, if at all.  The picture below is a fantastic example of such natural beauty - with the blues of the iceberg as real in print as they were in life.

We hope you'll join us on July 17 from 5 - 9 pm at the Evan Lurie Gallery @ 30 W. Main St, Carmel, IN 46032 or call to set up an appointment 317.844.8400.  We look forward to seeing you.  If you miss the show - please feel free to come visit the gallery during normal hours as the show will be on display through September.

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