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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


To be fair, it's now Tuesday and I feel as though I've let the readers down by only just now posting an entry.  For those that don't know me, my name is Katherine and I manage the Evan Lurie Gallery.  Monday morning, at 11 am, I set out in a big white van filled with sculpture towards New York City.  The sculpture is set for return to the artist Oriano Galloni as he gears up to open a new space in Brooklyn, NY.  While our gallery in Indiana has had great luck showcasing the work of master sculptor Galloni - the pieces going East were those that either just didn't find their niche in the midwest or were needed for his new showroom opening in a matter of weeks - such is life.   For me, as I work surrounded by these "Silent Souls" on a daily basis, it is as though I'm saying goodbye to old friends but I know that they return to the loving hands that created them.  It does seem only right that I spend the last few hours with them as I drive East... and with such a delivery... begins an adventure.

As I said, it is now Tuesday - but truth be told, it's very early Tuesday - 2 am in fact.  And while I should be sleeping, the effects of massive doses of Caffiene are still working their way through my system.  Soon though I feel the onslaught of some terrific sleep following the 13 hour drive east.  Don't worry though! I've used my inner geek to tether my phone to the MacBook for an internet connection where ever I am - so blogging won't be dependant on free wi-fi hotspots around the city.  For those who have ever lived in NYC or even visited - free is not a word used with a great deal of regularity here.   So if you're reading this - please stay tuned.  There will be a new post tomorrow as the NYC adventure continues for an Art Gallery Manager stomping around a city she used to call home - ever so brief as that was... but that, well that's an entirely different story now isn't it?  Goodnight readers - and I look forward to bringing you tales of great excitement tomorrow.


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